Equality Act

about equalityUK

Based in the North West, EqualityUK is an independent entity that works across the whole of the UK.  Our aim is to lead the way ‘Promoting a fairer future for everyone, celebrating Equality and Diversity through support and networking opportunities’. We continue where Equality Britain left off, established 15 years ago Equality Britain was at the forefront of the promotion of E&D issues in Education, Employment and Housing.

We work to achieve the removal of the barriers to employment, education and housing that face so many. We recognise that stereotyping and prejudice are still deeply entrenched in society.  Working with disadvantaged groups to help raise self esteem and aspirations, support people into training and point people in the right direction to achieve their goals.

We also recognise that if we are to achieve a fair and equal society we need a shared regional approach.  We work with partners and representatives from all strands, sectors and agencies to achieve this.


We aim to help as many disadvantaged groups as possible.

A Disadvantaged Group can be any group, society or minority that struggles to achieve the same rights and privileges as the general population.  While these groups are often called minority groups they can still include large section of the population.

Some groups that suffer from inequality, suffer because of their/they are

  • Age – ‘Older People
  • Age – ‘Young People
  • Disability or are Less-Abled
  • Ethnicity or Race
  • Gender
  • Homeless
  • Refugees or Migrants
  • Religion or Belief
  • Sexuality or Gender Status.

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